3D Body Scanner: Creating Revolution in the Medical and Fashion World

Ready-to-wear apparel is not so common term anymore. Previously, people used to be extremely disappointed with inappropriate fitting of garments. But, now the existence of new-age machines have made it easy for people to acquire perfect fitting of clothes and encouraged them to wear variety range of clothes. After all, a correct size matters the most no matter how beautiful a dress is. Thanks to the groundbreaking 3D body scanner which has enabled people to find the right size of clothes without replacing their orders. Not only people but 3D body scanner has also helped a lot of apparel industries to overcome the sizing challenges by capturing the shape of human body through laser lights. It is a next big digital model which has helped manufacturers in getting accurate measurement data and providing people a satisfying shopping experience.

The prevalence of 3D body scanner has brought path breaking solutions in the realm of medical science. It has set a benchmark for obesity related measurement where it has seamlessly calculated a person’s risk factor associated with his weight. With its 3D phototonic technology, it can effectively calculate the weight of body. Hence, it is an alternative to BMI (Body Mass Index) which can assess the amount of muscle, fat or bone present in the body. The innovation of 3D Body Scanner has indeed revolutionized the medical and fitness realm to the next level. Besides fitness, 3D body scanner has also contributed a significant role in the domain of 3D printing, research and applications development.

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About [TC] ²:

[TC] ² is the leading manufacturer of 3D body scanning device which provides point to point measurement in the most advanced way.

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